Welcome to Pure Bloods

We are the people that made the brave decision not to take the experimental Covid19 mRNA injection

More often than not, this decision was at the sacrifice of loosing a career, relationship and friends….

The Pure Bloods are those who listened to their heart, did their research and said no!

As more and more information emerges about the dangers and repercussions many are experiencing due to taking the jab, We feel truly blessed to be able to provide a safe space to build new communities, make friends, share stories and find love with like minded people, who made the same decision you did

Pure Bloods is the number 1 dating site for unvaccinated singles who want to date like minded people who reflect their freedom of choice to not take the Covid 19 mRNA injection

You will find this is a safe space, and we ask that you conduct all interactions from a kind loving space. The world has been through an extremely challenging last 3 years and many people have been affected in different ways, Our world needs healing and gentleness and as such please do not hesitate to report any inappropriate or unkind interactions to hello@purebloods.com any such behavior will result in the profile being immediately blocked

Dating has changed dramatically since the coronavirus outbreak. While many single people chose to get the Covid 19 injection, there is a large amount of people made the decision not to. Vaccination status has fast become a deal breaker for some singles, many admitting that they wouldn’t go on a date or have sex with someone who does not align with their vaccination choice. This is completely understandable, especially given the information now coming out that indicates that it probably affects fertility

We welcome you to our community and hope you enjoy being part of Pure Bloods
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